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Annual Commitment Brochure Only $250/month:

  • Company provided brochures will be distributed at all travel trade shows attended by Shop Texas representatives.
  • Proof of performance photos provided quarterly.

*10 additional companies will be selected to be brochure represented.

Annual Commitment $1,800/month includes:

Worldwide Program

  • In Country representation at all travel trade shows. Approx. 10 shows annually (Brazil, China, Korea, UK, Mexico, Japan, USA)
  • Brochure distribution at all travel trade and sales mission shows attended by Shop Texas and TaxFree Shopping Ltd.
  • Brand included on website, includes hyperlink.
  • Key FAMs and Groups to your Texas location(s) when applicable.
  • Recaps of in-country shows, tour operator contacts and photos of representation
  • Inclusion in PR
  • Dallas, TX based Shop Texas based representative here to answer and develop your goals

Annual Commitment $1,000/month:

​Enhanced China/Weibo option

Available option only to partners of Worldwide program. Includes added China in-country representation with EWM and Weibo postings.

*Only 10 Companies will be selected to be represented annually, first come, first contracted.


Shop Texas has developed three distinct and sophisticated models of in-country representation for our Partners.

Services Include:

  • International Trade Representation
  • Shop Texas hosted FAMS & Tours
  • Brand Reputation
  • Media Relations
  • Promotional Marketing
  • Social Media Marketing via Facebook, Twitter, Weibo and more.

The benefits of a worldwide presence are enormous, particularly for any company, city or venue with limited brand recognition in China, South America, Mexico or Europe.
Shop Texas representatives have over 35 years of PR, marketing, international trade representation and tourism related experience. We are the experts at promoting Texas shopping and tourism.
Given the fact that many companies that offer In-Country representation seem to only represent what they read or are told, and often only when you are at a particular show standing next to them; we are different.
Shop Texas representatives have experience and know who you are. This ensures when we speak about your company, we do so from experience.

Shop Texas brings our Partners the following benefits:

Dedicated Marketing Presence
We know the tour operators and group decision makers, we meet one-on-one and sell shopping. In addition, we offer flexibility to attend with our team a full calendar of conferences, marketing events, sales missions as well as develop independent marketing initiatives to build your brand in China, Korea, Brazil, Mexico, UK and other worldwide destinations.

Direct Access to our representatives
Increased international flights into major Texas airports are resulting in enormous shopping tourism opportunities. TaxFree Shopping is the hook that we highlight with your offerings. We are tourism and shopping experts with a proven track record. We know your company, its strengths and locations. Plus, we are accessible and local.

Target the World Markets
Identify potential growth areas for your company through regular internal communication with your point of contact, provide competitor analysis and market trend reports of the top countries visiting Texas. In addition, we offer advertising opportunities in our annual Shop Texas Magazine distributed at airport VIP lounges, tour operators in country, and shopping malls for our partners to be further highlighted and advertised.

Effective Communication
Maintain direct and effective communication. We are native English speakers, with a team fluent in Spanish, Chinese, Portguese and Korean. We understand your business and have only a select number of companies we are willing to represent. This ensures you are not “lost” among hundreds of brands or competing companies.

Lower Costs
Hiring in-country representation with Shop Texas results in a cost effective solution. Flying staff in and out of China, Brazil and other important international destinations, along with trade show fees and hotel can become costly. We represent you as if you were standing with us. Plus we follow up with detailed reports and photos to emphasize the exposure of your brand.