Our mission is to internationally promote shopping tourism to the State of Texas.  Utilizing a strategic network of alliance partners, including key shopping "hooks" unique to our State, for example, Tax Free Shopping, we are able to entice and support a metric driven program, complete with in-country representation to highlight our select partners.
Working with the State of Texas Tourism dept, TTIA and other key offices to enhance their goals for tourism boost that results in economic development while focusing on the exploding growth of shopping tourism.
We work with key airlines such as Air China, American Airlines, Etihad Airways and more to monitor incoming traffic and outreach to inbound shoppers.
Marketing our partners, we bring personalized service and programs to help grow in-bound markets from China, Korea, Japan, South America, Mexico and more to Texas.
We host FAMS and groups, monitor and post social media on Weibo, Facebook and more, produce an annual shopping magazine and more.